Turn Over a New Leaf with the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Classic rowing machine is a symbol of elegance and an impressive fitness tool. Masterfully crafted, the WaterRower Classic aspires to be more than an exercise implement, but instead, a piece of art that also has a purpose.

waterrower classic rowing machine side view

Hand crafted in solid American Black Walnut, the WaterRower Classic has a beautiful range of hues varying from a rich brown to a dark purple or black. Each machine is hand finished with multiple layers of Danish Oil that gives it a beautiful sheen and deep warmth to the wood.

waterrower classic rowing machine feature

This magnificent piece of equipment was chosen to be crafted in wood, due to its excellent engineering properties, and most importantly its ability to absorb sound and vibration, which plays a large role in the WaterRower Classic’s silent and smooth operation.

waterrower classic rowing machine handle

Black Walnut is specifically used because as a premium hardwood it has incredible longevity, stability, and eloquence. Maybe most importantly, all Black Walnut is harvested from replenishable forest, meaning that while you strengthen yourself and get in shape, the rest of the world isn’t paying a price.

waterrower classic rowing machine footboard

In addition to the WaterRower Classic, purchasers will also get an S4 performance monitor, a home training DVD, owners manual, syphon pump, water purification tablets, and an Allen key for construction.

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waterrower classic rowing machine edge

waterrower classic rowing machine back view

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