Work Out Like an Astronaut with Handy Gym

Traditional weights don’t exactly work when you’re an astronaut. You kind of need gravity for weights to work. So what do astronauts do to get their pump on? They use inertial training. Handy Gym uses the same principles in their new, portable gym.

Isoinertial technology was developed back in the 1990s when NASA was looking for a way for astronauts to maintain their wellness while living in a zero gravity environment. The Handy Gym device uses two inertial discs that convert its turning motion into resistance, which results in resistance in both concentric and eccentric portions of muscle contraction. In other words, its provides resistance for both the positive and negative portion of your exercise, making it a more effective workout. Most isoinertial machines are big and require a lot of cables and pulleys attached to weights. The Handy Gym is small enough to fit in your luggage and only weighs two pounds. It’s perfect for your vacation, office, or home. The system allows for over 200 different exercises with any muscle group that you want to hit. And we’re not talking light weights here, either. You can load up to 220 pounds of resistance on this portable gym.

Handy Gym also comes with an app that can guide you through the process of selecting an exercise and the proper configuration of the gym. Once everything is set up, you’ll select the proper disc based on how much weight—or resistance—you want to work with. Handy Gym comes with a range of accessories that you can use for the exercise that you’re trying to complete. As you complete the exercise, Handy Gym will communicate with your smart device via a Bluetooth connection so that you can track your cycles, calories, time, and strength.

If you’re looking for an effective, portable training system that can be adapted to every exercise without having to buy specialized equipment or join a gym, Handy Gym is what you’re looking for.

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