Floatti’s Suitcase is Smarter Than You

Everything seems to be going “smart” these days, with the widespread proliferation of smartphones and ease of data and WiFi connections. Apparently, suitcases will be no stranger to this trend. The brand new Floatti Smart Suitcase is available for funding now on Kickstarter and it looks truly amazing.

The Floatti features the first ever Smart Suitcase Handle with touch controls. What does that mean? It connects travelers with their smartphones so they can make calls, access maps, send messages, or set off an SOS alarm simply by tapping the handle. Pretty cool. The suitcase is also engineered to work for both pushing and pulling actions, making your trip easy. It has other unique features like a built in charger, location tracking, a weight scale and more. It’s a very impressive package that can be yours at a huge discount now thanks to the Kickstarter.

Check it out

floatti suitcase app

floatti suitcase handler

floatti suitcase white color