Fluance Ai40 Powered Speakers are the True Stars of the Bookshelf

Fluance is not the most well-known audio brand, although it just might deserve to be. You won’t find any of its speakers, subwoofers or turntables without overly positive reviews, from critics and users alike. And for good reasons. Fluance is all about quality build and quality sound. That’s why we have eyes on its new Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speakers. Fluance just dropped these 5-inch bad boys, and they should satisfy the true audiophiles.

Ai40 is a 2.0 active speaker with an integrated 70W Class D amplifier, powerful enough to deliver room-filling stereo sound. The speakers are built with superior components like silk soft-dome tweeters for producing natural highs and woven glass fibre drivers for detailed mids and deep bass. You can expect Ai40 to recreate the notes of every piece of music perfectly.

fluance ai40 powered speakers on the table

The beautifully-crafted, MDF-engineered wood cabinets are meticulously designed and acoustically tuned to deliver precise, warm, and distortion-free sound. Ai40 are plug-and-play speakers easily connect through RCA or Bluetooth aptX, allowing for simple connections to any audio system.

Upgrade the TV’s built-in speakers for a big picture/big sound experience. Additionally, pair the speakers with a turntable to experience the full warmth of vinyl or add high-performance audio to a computer set-up to amplify music, movies and gaming.

The Fluance Ai40 is available online in black, lucky bamboo or walnut for USD $199.99. In other audio news, Urban Ears’ Lotsen speaker packs a big punch into a small package. Plus the Beoplay P6 is an incredibly refined portable speaker that boasts 360-degree sound.

Check it out

fluance ai40 speakers side view on the stand

fluance ai40 speakers front view

fluance ai40 powered speakers beside a laptop

fluance ai40 powered speakers front and side view

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