Flying Nest Shipping Container Hotel Lands at Avoriaz Ski Resort

For many travelers, hotels are a way station for access to the world’s most beautiful locations. But sometimes, even those hotels are woefully distant from those intended destinations. That’s where the French hotel group AccorHotels is hoping to make a difference with their Flying Nest concept.

shipping container hotel

Flying Nest was designed by Ora-ito and consists of modules—which look very similar to shipping containers—that can be delivered to the most remote locations for a luxurious stay in stunning surroundings. The modules measure 130 square feet and contain a bathroom, living area, and a white linen bed. Just because they look like shipping containers doesn’t mean that you’ll feel like cargo when you stay in one. The modules are surprisingly luxurious, featuring eco-friendly wood for an added sense of warmth. The containers stack on top of each other and are connected via terraces.

flying nest container hotel

Flying Nest’s mobility has already been put to the test. They’ve been dropped off at France’s Avoriaz Ski Resort. But it’s not just snow-clad mountains that serve as a backdrop for Flying Nest. Theoretically, the modules can be set up anywhere—from the mountains to the beach, for adventures or large gatherings. Flying Nest might just be the next wave of luxury travel.

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window view shipping container hotel