Focus on Your Form with the Ameo Powerbreather

If you like swimming, get ready to love it- and if you don’t like swimming- get ready to reconsider. The Ameo Powerbreather is changing life at sea level.

power breather swimming band

The Powerbreather by Ameo is putting an end to the need to turn your head while swimming in order to breathe. If you swim laps, you know what we’re talking about. With every stroke, swimming without the powerbreather takes a significant amount of concentration. If you’re a practiced lap swimmer, you’re used to that. Now just imagine how much physical and mental energy you can save by eliminating that drastic maneuver that you have to perform at every stroke. If you’re new to swimming for exercise, or for sport, you’ll find it much easier to throw yourself into the activity- and you’ll find yourself becoming a competent swimmer much more quickly than you would without it.

The Powerbreather fits snugly over your head and twin snorkels extend directly up over your ears and out of the water. Water cannot pass through the specialized filters at the top of the snorkels- and an array of alternative fittings allow optimal use with different swimming styles and turning methods. It cleans up easily and is very durable.

power breather swimming band in the hand

This simple but effective swimming enhancement device needs no batteries and is guaranteed to retain its functionality for years of active use.

For just $108 USD, you might try your Powerbreather in the crystal clear waters of some equatorial paradise on your next big summer vacation.

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power breather swimming band all accessories

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