FOLDEAT Makes Eating Healthy Easy

FOLDEAT believes that “eating healthy shouldn’t be hard.” How they are addressing that challenge is through an innovative lunchbox that is modular and folds out into an eating mat. FOLDEAT comes with stackable contains that fit into the folding mat to become easily portable.

Foldeat during luch hour

There are plenty of features to go through with FOLDEAT. First is the folding mat. The mat uses insulation inserts to keep your food cool and is reversible, offering two different looks. The mat folds around the containers to keep things organized, with the top of the mat rolling down and attaching to a shoulder strap for easier carrying. The rolled down portion is held closed with magnetic clips and with a holder that also doubles as a phone holder. The containers are all stackable and come with an adjustable divider to help you portion out your servings. The system works with up to four containers. Here’s also a liquid container that has a screw cap to prevent spills as well as extra foam insulation to keep your liquid cool or warm. Gel packs can be inserted between containers to keep both cool. Plus, the whole thing is easily cleanable. Throw the containers into the dishwasher and the mat into the washing machine. The containers are also microwave safe. FOLDEAT also comes with smaller containers for dips and dressings as well as a slot top hold utensils.

Foldeat handy to carry

When you get to where you’re going to eat, it’s as simple as unfolding FOLDEAT—it literally takes only seconds. Your food will be nicely arranged with no mess or fuss. Not only is the food organized in containers, but the meal is presented in a nice manner, making your meal more enjoyable. And because it’s modular, you can take as much or as little as you want without having wasted space. FOLDEAT comes in three designs—Tan, Navy, and Old Times. FOLDEAT is available on Kickstarter with several different options to choose from.

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Foldeat with containers inside


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