AFR’s 2018 Top 100 Restaurants in Australia Announced

The verdict is in: Aussies are eating better than ever before. That is to say our continent is currently overflowing with quality cuisine, no shortage of which incorporates a variety of global influences. With so many great dining options at our disposal, eating out has evolved from a leisurely pastime to a full-blown way of life. Accordingly, the Internet is churning out “best of” lists with the alacrity of a flash-fry. That begs one to ask: which list rules them all? The answer might very well be the Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) Top 100 Restaurants. It was compiled based on votes from the country’s top 500 chefs and restaurateurs, all of whom were kept in check (i.e. restricted from voting for themselves) by way of common sense regulations.

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Which restaurant came out on top, you ask? Spoiler alert: Brae is the place to beat in 2018. Famously located in the agrarian town of Birregurra, Brae has earned itself tons of acclaim by way of its creative, seasonally-inspired menu. Everything is locally sourced and plated to perfection inside an elegant, airy space. Needless to say, this is most definitely a meal worth travelling for.

As for all the other restaurants on the list, you can expect to see a little bit of everything, meaning big names and off-the-radar joints alike. We’ve listed out the top 25 below (followed by a link to the complete list).

  1. Brae, Birregurra (VIC)
  2. Ester (NSW)
  3. Saint Peter (NSW)
  4. Attica (VIC)
  5. Africola (SA)
  6. Momofuku Seiobo (NSW)
  7. Sixpenny (NSW)
  8. Embla (VIC)
  9. Sepia (NSW)
  10. Fleet, Brunswick Heads (NSW)
  11. Firedoor (NSW)
  12. Igni, Geelong (VIC)
  13. LuMi Dining (NSW)
  14. Franklin (TAS)
  15. Fred’s (NSW)
  16. Restaurant Hubert (NSW)
  17. Mr. Wong (NSW)
  18. Flower Dru (VIC)
  19. Tipo 00 (VIC)
  20. Anchovy (VIC)
  21. Bennelong (NSW)
  22. Fratelli Paradiso (NSW)
  23. Orana (SA)
  24. Quay (NSW)
  25. Automata (NSW)

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