Amish Popcorn Library Expands Your Kernel Palate

Did you know that archaeologists have found evidence of popcorn that dates back thousands of years? Corn itself was domesticated some 10,000 years ago, and there’s evidence that the ancient inhabitants of Mexico were popping it in 3600 BC. Makes you wonder if they knew about the varieties of flavours that could be had. Fortunately, we don’t have to wonder, thanks to the Amish Popcorn Library offered by Williams Sonoma.

popcorn library

The popcorn varieties are grown by Brian Lehman on his family farm in Northern Indiana’s Amish country. As a child, Brian cared for a plot of popcorn that his father planted for him. He gifted the crop to family, friends, and teachers. After finishing high school, Brian expanded his operation to 25 acres, and that’s what started his popcorn business.

In the Amish Popcorn Library, Brian offers 12 varieties of all-natural, non-GMO popcorn: Midnight Blue, Ladyfinger, Baby White, Baby Yellow, Purple, Medium White, Rainbow, Red, Medium Yellow, Blue, XL Caramel Type, and Mushroom (and up until now you thought the only choice was microwave or movie theatre). Each type comes in a 4-ounce bag—big enough for one serving fit for a few light snackers or one large man. They also each have a guarantee to pop into the best, fluffiest, most tender-crisp popcorn you’ve ever experienced.

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