Black Label by Burger Project is Neil Perry’s Latest Gift to Burger Lovers

Hardcore burger enthusiasts might credit Neil Perry for kicking off the whole burger craze in Sydney. It was, after all, his Rockpool Burger, on the menu at Rockpool Bar & Grill, that had tongues wagging (and salivating) long before anybody had heard of a Mary’s, or a BL, or a Chur.

He then furthered his enthusiasm for the humble grilled-mince sandwich by launching Burger Project, back in 2015. His first foray into “fast food” (though he’d accost us for using that term), he applied all the same principles of fresh, local ingredients that exist in all of his other stores (and helped boost him to culinary success). Pair that with his masterful ability to get flavours perfectly in balance, and Burger Project was a no-brainer: people loved it.

Now, Rockpool Dining Group, which Perry helms as Culinary Director, is stepping up its game, offering a new venue, with bigger, better burgers, and a sensible, grown-up drink offering. Best of all? It’s right in the heart of Sydney.

 latest gift  burger lovers

Black Label by Burger Project is as much bar as it is burger joint–a place to head for a few after work bevs where you can stay for some juicy meat pressed between soft buns. Perry and his team would like to stress how delicious their breakfast offerings are, and also to let you know that their bowls and salads are also a thing. But we’re not kidding you or ourselves: we’re here for the burgers and the beer. Speaking of, Young Henry’s Stone & Wood and Balter have all made the list, not to mention the “adult” shakes, spiked with Jack Daniels, Belvedere or Campari.

You can sip on one of those options whilst getting stuck into a range top-shelf of burgers (including one made with a kangaroo and beef pattie), all conceptualised from the mind of arguably the country’s most famous chef.

They’ve also got some killer sides (waffle cut chips and onion rings, anybody?) and, unlike Burger Project, they’ll bring the food out to you when it’s ready (how fancy).

Opening today, Black Label by Burger Project is a welcome addition to Sydney’s burgeoning burger scene. Hopefully other cities will see one (or more) make an appearance before to long.

Black Label by Burger Project is located at Grosvenor Place Courtyard, 225 George St, and will be open Monday to Friday, 7am to 10pm, and Saturday 11am to 10pm, with breakfast available every weekday, 7am to 11am.

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