Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce Infuses Some Kentucky Flavour

Handcrafted in Louisville, Kentucky, Bourbon Barrel’s Worcestershire Sauce tastes as good as it sounds. Whether you’re tossing it on a steak, eggs, or adding it your Bloody Mary, expect eye-opening Kentucky flavour and all sorts of unexpected dimension. A finalist for the 2016 Good Food Award, the sauce is all-natural, free of corn syrup, vegetarian and delicious. Indeed, no one argues with bourbon barrel aging, and we’re not about to start.

bourbon barrel mixes properly

To make their Worcestershire Sauce, Bourbon Barrel mixes sweet, locally grown sorghum with non-GMO soy, spices and clean Kentucky limestone spring water. Next, they age the sauce in reclaimed oak barrels that once held some of the region’s tastiest bourbons. The result is more than an extra kick, but rather a new tier of smoky flavour and aroma, making the sauce a delectable accompaniment to some of your favourite foods.

bourbon barrel favorite foods

It’s all par for the course over at Bourbon Barrel. The food manufacturer hosts a broad line of award winning products aged in reclaimed bourbon barrels. Their most popular product, Bluegrass Soy Sauce, is the only soy sauce in the world fermented and aged in bourbon barrels. Naturally, their Worcestershire sauce is no exception to the brand’s remarkable standards. Elevate your food in Kentucky style by getting some today.

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