Brooklyn Biltong Offers a Tender Alternative to Your Favourite Meaty Snack

For those who like beef jerky, but often find it a little too sweet or chewy, consider biltong instead. The South African staple is cut with the grain, and dried by air instead of heat. As a result, the texture is far more tender and easy to chew, while an unmistakably hearty flavour slowly unfurls in the mouth. Now, thanks to Brooklyn Biltong, the addictive snack is more accessible than ever.

brooklyn biltong south africa

Having grown up in South Africa, Brooklyn Biltong co-founder Ben was exposed to the native jerky at a very young age. In fact, his grandfather, Oupa Dawie, was known as the best biltong maker in all of Pretoria. It’s that same expertise that Ben and his partner Em bring to their company. In addition to using the wind-dried methods that Ben’s grandfather perfected, Brooklyn Biltong doesn’t add any preservatives or corn syrups. Every bite is therefore all natural, high in protein and easy on the teeth. Ben describes the product as though “prosciutto and jerky had a baby”, and he’s pretty much dead on. Suffice to say, paleo dieters and snack lovers alike will find plenty to relish from this tasty munchie.

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