Butternut Snap Biscuit Crowned Australia’s Favourite Biccie

Everyone loves a list. And everyone loves a biscuit. So everyone’s really gonna love the good folks at Good Food, who have published a list of Australia’s favourite biscuits, as determined by a comprehensive surveying process the details of which are slightly fuzzy. And the number one biccie?

The Butternut Snap.

Wait, what?

The Butternut Snap? For serious?

The Butternut Snap beat the Monte Carlo, the Scotch Finger, the Iced VoVo, the Anzac biscuit?

Something has surely gone wrong in the institutions of this country. Or, who knows, maybe a lot of people just like Butternut Snaps, but it seems so unlikely. Good Food lauded the snap’s dunkability and “high degree of butter density”, but their choice aroused immediate and loud controversy, with many connoisseurs opining that the decision shared the winner’s initials.

For the record, the second-place getter was the Kingston, another overrated biccie in this column’s view, but a more predictable choice than the Butternut Snap. In third place was the old reliable Scotch Finger, followed by the toothsome Nice, and then Milk Coffees, which were a bit of an underdog.

Sixth place went to the Chocolate Ripple, seventh to the Monte Carlo – seventh? Come on, something screwy going on here – and eighth to the beloved Teddy Bear. Then down the lower reaches of the table were Farmbake Choc Chip, Delta Cream, Shortbread Cream – another injustice – and the Milk Arrowroot, which seems lucky to have made the list at all. In last place – not the worst biscuit anywhere, but the worst of the top 13 – was the Orange Slice. And that at least seems fair enough.