Buy All Your Pantry Staples for $3 with Brandless

There is a new e-commerce site called Brandless that sells food for $3. Every single item on the online retailer’s website is $3 for any item. The site offers more than 148 consumer products from dishware to organic applesauce. Brandless says that its store is for shoppers who hate the big food brands and want better products rather than more hype. The markups across food, household and beauty products have been eliminated. The products sold by Brandless are similar in quality to the big brand names but they are 40 to 360 percent less.

pantry staple brandless virgin coconut oil

Brandless sells its things so cheaply because it is able to eliminate marketing. The founder of Brandless says that consumers normally pay what is called a brand tax. Even traditional generic supermarket brands are marked up and have a brand tax associated with them. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods 360 brands are both higher-priced because they are well-known and advertised. With Brandless, you won’t be paying the premium you’ll see with these brands markups. However, you’ll get the same high quality. Brandless also eliminate inefficiencies by going directly to the manufacturer. Then, they ship directly to consumers. This also helps lower the costs of Brandless’ foods.

pantry staple brandless honey in the jar

Most of the goods sold by Brandless are organic, non-GMO free and not tested on animals. They are also typically free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. This makes Brandless great if you are trying to be a little more health-conscious and who isn’t? Brandless sells only non-perishable foods. They include a range of budget-friendly staples, such as extra virgin olive oil, chicken stock and long-grain brown rice. If you want to quickly start a pantry, Brandless has everything you’ll need.

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 pantry staple brandless toasted coconut cookie thins

pantry staple brandless quinoa puffs

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