Caramilk Philly Philadelphia Limited Edition Cream Cheese

It’s only natural that people get excited over the return of the Caramilk chocolate to stores. It’s got caramel, it’s got milk, it’s got everything needed for a great night in by yourself.

But Caramilk cream cheese? How are we to respond to the revelation that this phenomenon has suddenly appeared in Woolworths at $4 a pop?

Certainly the automatic reaction to the Caramilk Philly Philadelpia Cream Cheese Limited Edition might be, goodness me this is what I’ve been waiting for all my life, enamoured as I am with both the sinful sweetness of caramel and the decadent lush creaminess of this creamiest of cheeses.

A reasonable response. But should we be worried? Should be fret that, in our efforts to make more and more perfect combinations of foodstuffs, we have flown too close to the sun? Can we, as mere mortals, be sure we are equipped to handle the flavour explosion that Caramilk Philly will be? Just because we can eat a block of Caramilk, and lavish a bagel with cream cheese, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we can scarf down an unholy combination of both without suffering some kind of fatal overload of deliciousness. It might cause a seizure.

Still, I reckon I’ll give it a go. Because that…that looks absolutely amazing.

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