Chuck Wagon’s Lamington Burger is Pretty Polarizing

Try to figure out the calorie count on this one. Chuck Wagon 175 has unleashed a Lamington Burger on Australian foodies. The burger was created to celebrate Australia Day—or to keep emergency rooms busy. The burger is a food mashup that mixes up a beef and bacon burger with chocolate lamingtons. Chuck Wagon 175 stated on social media, “Alright she’s on! Australia Day is coming and we’re rolling out the specials! Double beef, double bacon, double cheese between two Aussie lamingtons. Say what you want… you know you love it. Available Australia Day week.”

The responses came in on both sides. “Individually great, not so sure in the same mouthful, and I couldn’t take it on a ride, not sure it would fit in me pocket,” wrote one individual (though the post is problematic—what else is that guy keeping in his pocket when he goes for a ride?). Another asked a more pertinent question: “Are these cream filled lamingtons or plain? Just trying to work out how many extra cholesterol tablets I’d need to take.” Many posters wanted to know about the inclusion of other ingredients, such as pineapple or beetroot in an effort to Aussie-fy the burger even more.

Chuck Wagon 175 isn’t the first to take a crack at mashing the lamington with other foods. Smith’s recently released a lamington flavoured chip. “We know Australians are increasingly keen to try new flavours, and interest is growing in sweet and savoury combinations,” said Smith’s marketing director, Olivia Sutherland. “Our latest innovation combines a sweet, quintessentially Aussie cake with Australia’s favourite potato chip. It seemed the perfect way to celebrate the Australian summer.” Chuck Wagon 175 may not be able to make the same claim, but two posts sum up all the hub-bub nicely. “Now that might be worth putting my pants on for!” and “Good way to destroy two Aussie food icons.” Which side do you land on?

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