Coles Introduces Lamington Hot Cross Buns

Flavour and food mashups continue to delight people everywhere, but perhaps nowhere quite as much as in Australia. As proof, check out Coles’ new lamington-flavoured hot cross buns. The supermarket giant recently announced that they would be releasing the Lamington Hot Cross Buns, (perhaps in response to Woolworths’ release of Darrel Lea chocolate hot cross buns?), after discovering that 54 per cent of Australians would partake of a lamington-flavoured bun.

If you’re not familiar with a lamington, you are 1. Probably not Australian, and 2. Definitely missing out. Lamington is a cake made from squares of butter or sponge cake that are coated in chocolate sauce and then rolled in desiccated coconut. The mixture soaks into the outer layer of the cake, creating a unique and flavorful texture. The treat gets its name either from Lord Lamington, who served as the Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901 or form his wife. Whoever it is named for, the idea for the combination most likely came from the Lamington’s French-born chef, Armand Galland, who purportedly used left-over vanilla sponge cake baked the day before, dipped in chocolate and then coconut when he had to quickly come up with something to entertain the Lamington’s guests. Coles’ hot cross bun version will follow the same basic idea. The buns will have chocolate chips and toasted shaved coconut chunks as well as soft raspberry jellies.  The buns are available now at the more than 700 Coles stores across Australia.

Lamington has been growing in popularity as of late. Smiths recently released a lamington chip that offered chocolate, coconut, cream, and butter flavours. Adelaide café Chuck Wagon 175 has been serving up a lamington burger—a double-beef, double-bacon, double-cheese hamburger served between two lamingtons. Now that hot cross buns have entered the fray, who knows what the future will hold. Whatever is coming, you can bet that it will be an instant favourite.

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