Discover Nöni, the World’s First One-Piece Seamless Stainless Steel Saucepan

Nöni is the world’s first range of seamless one-piece stainless steel cookware pans. Built in Sydney from exotic German stainless steel, the high-performance chef pans are highly conductive, induction-compatible with handles that are integral with the pan body. There are no rivets, welds, screws, or fragile clad layers. Each lid is also versatile, doubling as a high-performance flat skillet for grilling.

durable and hygienic noni pans

Nöni pans are durable and hygienic. The one-piece construction means there are no joins or hidden crevasses that can trap food. Designed by SOLIDteknics, nöni pans are so tough that they come with another world-first for cookware: a multi-century warranty. “We want customers to buy our pans only once, and hand them down for multiple generations” -SOLIDteknics founder and development engineer Mark James Henry.

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You can find Nöni pans on Kickstarter right now. Nöni is the 10th Kickstarter campaign that SOLIDteknics has launched, with all nine past campaigns for their innovative iron cookware successfully funded. Nöni has taken-off in its first few weeks, earning almost $200,000 with over a month of the campaign remaining.

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Early-bird backers are eligible for the first edition production at greatly reduced pricing and earlier delivery. Shipping is expected December 2017 right in time for Christmas which is convenient as Nöni would make the perfect gift.

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