Dosist Releases Cannabis Tablets in Dose Dial

Dosist is familiar with changing the way we approach cannabis. Back in 2016, when the company was called Hmbldt, they released a cannabis vape pen that had a set number of hits that served up the same amount every time. The pen prevented accidentally taking a huge hit and was made of recyclable medical-grade plastic. Now Dosist is taking on the edibles market with the Dose Dial—a pocket-sized cannabis tablet dispenser.

The Dose Dial comes with 30 dissolving tablets that are peppermint flavoured and that serve up 3.7mg. According to Gunner Winston, Dosist’s CEO, they were careful to avoid the clichés often found in the edibles market. “We didn’t want to go the gummy, candy, or brownie routes, where it’s pretty clear you’re targeting kids and have no means of dose precision. Our brand is precision—we don’t like to tell people to just bite something in half to get a certain dose or whatever.”

That precision even led to the design of the Dose Dial being intentionally tedious to open. “We’re not a brand for stoners. Our products aren’t for that market,” states Winston.

Dosist Release $1 Canabis Pills in Dose Dial

The tablets were designed to be dissolvable so that they could be taken sublingually (placed under your tongue), which ensures a more consistent amount of cannabis makes it into your bloodstream. That decision wasn’t made lightly. Winston shares that plenty of research went into finding the best way for a consumable to deliver cannabis. Sublingual delivery won out over letting the digestive system try to absorb it.

Some people might also question whether this new product is coming out as a result of the recent scare associated with vaping. Such is not the case. Winston, who acknowledges that the timing could seem suspect, clarifies that the Dose Dial has been in the research and production phase for over a year—well before the issues with vaping were brought to light. You can find the Dosist products in stores in California and Florida using their website’s store locator.

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