Ferrero Releases Coca-Cola Flavored Tic Tacs

Everyone recognises Tic Tacs and Coca-Cola. These “brands are appreciated all over the world” and are “perfect for sharing, connecting people, providing refreshment.” The Ferrero Group, the parent company behind Tic Tacs, is releasing a new mint that features the iconic flavour of Coca-Cola. The mint will be available starting early next year in the US and will be released in more than 70 countries for a limited time.

The mints will retain the familiar Tic Tac shape but will sport a red Coca-Cola logo. Available in three different promotional sizes, each with a different shape. Ferrero boasts that this collaboration “brings Coca-Cola into the sweet Package Food market.” Taking the mint promises to release the “refreshment of Coca-Cola,” so this isn’t a breath mint but more of a candy.

This isn’t Tic Tac’s first foray into the candy aisle. While they have several mint flavours (Freshmints, Wintergreen, Spearmint Mix, Mint Evolution, and Frosty Mint), they have also experimented with even more candy flavours, including Apple Mix, Strawberry Fields, Fruit Adventure, Orange, and Cherry Cola. And since Tic Tacs are known for their low-calorie count, this might be a way for you to get your Coca-Cola fix without having to down a 12-ounce can.

Tic Tacs have been around since 1969. Easily recognisable for their pill shape and the signature “rattle” of the container, Tic Tacs have established markets on five continents. Coca-Cola has been around a bit longer. Originally invented by pharmacist John Stith Pemberton in 1886, the company has operated a franchised distribution system since 1889.

Go just about anywhere in the world, and you’ll find the iconic symbol and drink. The partnership could prove a boon for both companies. Typically, Tic Tacs are found next to cash registers in convenience stores and supermarkets where customers are tempted to make an impulse buy. Granted, you often find small coolers with Coke in the same place, but now the cola brand can reach into the snack and candy market.

Tic Tac will benefit from the power of the recognised brand. It’s a smart economic move—and a tasty temptation for consumers.

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