Hard Rock Café’s 24K Gold Leaf Steak Burger is a Hearty Meal

Hard Rock International unveiled a new menu on Hard Rock’s Founders’ Day with 20 new items, including a 24-Karat gold leaf encrusted steak burger. Literally, it’s a steak burger that has edible gold leafing melted onto the top of it. The new gold leaf steak burger benefits Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian organisation that is committed to ending world hunger.

“Our goal is to bring the highest quality food, drink and entertainment to our guests each time they visit,” states Stephen K. Judge, President of Café Operations at Hard Rock International. “This menu innovation represents the most significant in the brand’s history and reflects our goals of ensuring everything from our music to our menu is fresh at Hard Rock locations around the world.”

steak burger with gold leaf serve with smoothie

The innovations Judge is talking about including a proprietary beef blend that results in a more flavorful burger, which Hard Rock calls a steak burger. The menu includes five new burgers, including the gold leaf steak burger. But steak burgers aren’t the only new items on the menu. “We are excited to introduce our award-winning Steak Burgers, Boozy Milkshakes, Sliders and Shareables, including our impressive and indulgent 24-Karat Gold Leaf Steak Burger, as part of our world-class, immersive dining and entertainment experience,” explains Judge.

Hard Rock will offer both virgin and loaded versions of their milkshakes, which they promise will be Instagram worthy. The Sliders and Shareables portion of the menu will include One Night in Bangkok Spicy Shrimp, Whiskey Bacon Jam Sliders, and Three Cheese and Roma Tomato Flatbread.

The new menu was unveiled on June 14 during special “Burgers & Beats” launch events. On another note, there is no nutritional benefit from eating gold leaf, which usually appears on cakes and other desserts as a superficial garnish. While you may not meet any RDAs eating the gold, you’ll definitely feel like you’re living the sweet life, especially if you mix in the other new items on Hard Rock’s menu.

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