Heinz Solves the Problem with the Pour Perfect Bottle

Everyone has a secret for getting ketchup to flow out of the bottle. Some beat on the bottle like it’s 16 penny nail going into oak. Others gently follow the circles on the bottom in a clockwise rotation, coaxing the goo to come out—or is it counter-clockwise? Still other gently tap the side while holding the bottle at an angle, or more violently stab a table knife into the red mess and jiggle the blade around to get things moving. Whatever your approach, one thing is certain: it can be frustrating trying to get ketchup out of the bottle. Heinz Canada has found a solution. And before you say that you’re already aware of squeeze bottles, we’re talking about the new Heinz Pour Perfect Bottle.

heinz bottle design

The new bottle has been specially designed to be held at a 45 degree angle, and the tasty condiment will flow forth. OK, that’s admittedly a bit misleading. It’s not so much that the bottle is new, but that Heinz is providing instruction on how to hold the bottle at the correct angle to get the ketchup out. In case you’re not sure what a 45 degree angle is, the ketchup company has affixed the label on the bottle at the right angle. All you have to do is tilt the bottle until the label is upright, and you’ve found the perfect position.

“This year, we have focused our marketing on reinforcing the emotional connection fans have with the brand in clever and ownable ways,” explains Kraft Heinz Canada’s senior brand manager Brian Neumann. “We’re always thinking of fun, cheeky ways we can highlight the iconic and timeless nature of the product to give our consumers a smile.”

The new bottle is only available in Toronto for now, but ketchup lovers have been waiting for 150 years to find out the exact best way to pour ketchup, we can all wait a bit longer for the new bottle to hit local markets.

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