ubereats driver eating your food

Is Your Ubereats Driver Eating Your Food?

UberEats is great, right? Being able to have so many different kinds of food delivered to your door, making the primitive past when all you could get was pizza and if you wanted anything else you had to – shudder – go out of the house seem like a distant nightmare. UberEats is a delicious way to make use of the information superhighway that otherwise – ie Twitter – is mostly a blight on humanity.

Yet if the Schnitz Parmageddon you ordered yesterday was yummy, it might leave a much worse taste in your mouth to learn that it’s possible your UberEats driver is taking your food for themselves – and that technically they’re allowed to.

“WHAT?” I hear you shriek. Yep, that’s right. Recently a Florida woman told the local news that she never received her UberEats order, never got a refund, and strongly suspected the driver had enjoyed a feast on her dime. This led to some investigative digging, and two things were discovered:

a) there are posts on forums by people claiming to be UberEats drivers boasting about the customers’ meals they’ve gobbled; and

b) official UberEats policy does actually allow this.

The loophole is in a clause that says if a driver makes reasonable effort to contact a customer but is unable to complete the delivery, they should “discard” the food – and you can “discard” it down your own gullet if you so choose.

This is all very well, but all it takes is an unscrupulous driver to inadvertently knock so softly you never hear them, and then regrettably accidentally dial the wrong number, and they can throw up their hands, cry, “O well I tried”, and shovel your dinner into their face.

I mean…they probably aren’t.

But…what if they are?

They probably aren’t.


This is information we’re just going to have to live with, I’m afraid. Next time your order doesn’t arrive, you’ll never know if it’s an honest mistake or a disgraceful case of food larceny.

Maybe it’ll make you feel better to think about how poorly paid UberEats drivers are paid, and how they’re probably in need of the odd free feed.

Yeah, me either.