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Attention Finger Lickers, KFC Hot & Crispy Boneless is Back

Get your greasy mitts out, The Colonel is bringing back a fan favourite for Summer. Fresh off dishing out $1 Zinger Burgers and Twista wraps for the good of all left-handers, KFC has confirmed it is reviving Hot & Crispy Boneless. From Tuesday 1 November, you can shovel spicy poultry pieces into your gob without needing to worry about choking on a chicken bone. How good.

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Kfc hot crispy boneless

KFC Hot & Crispy Boneless | Image: KFC Australia

The latest announcement follows a series of reprisals and new releases at the chicken chain over the past year, including the Tower Burger and the iconic degustation menu. For diehard fans, however, no amount of KFC fine dining compares to the revival of the Hot & Crispy Boneless offering. The menu option was removed from stores way back in 2021, prompting a spirited campaign from chicken lovers across the country who demanded it make a comeback. Finally, their prayers have been answered.

As expected, Hot & Crispy Boneless arrives in a crispy golden coating loaded with a spicy kick and no bones. Better yet, it will be available as a three-piece snack, while those looking for a full feed can pick up a New Zinger Box, which includes a Zinger Burger, two-pieces of Hot & Crispy Boneless, Potato & Gravy, chips and a drink.

Kfc hot crispy boneless 6

KFC Hot & Crispy Boneless | Image: KFC Australia

“We’re thrilled to be bringing back our fan-favourite Hot & Crispy Boneless. Aussies went crazy for it when we introduced it for a limited- time in 2021,” Sally Spriggs, CMO at KFC Australia said. “We knew we had to bring it back, and this time it will be a permanent menu item in some states. So you can head down to your local restaurant and treat yourself to some Hot & Crispy Boneless any time of the year!”

Hot & Crispy Boneless will be available from tomorrow, Tuesday 1 November, so if boneless, spicy deliciousness is your cup of tea, cancel your lunch plans and get down to your local KFC. Chick-on friends.

Kfc hot crispy boneless 2

KFC Hot & Crispy Boneless | Image: KFC Australia

Kfc hot crispy boneless 4

KFC Hot & Crispy Boneless | Image: KFC Australia