KFC is Bringing its Wedding Services to Australia

A wedding is a deeply personal occasion. And whether you’re the sort of couple who loves sailing, fishing or skydiving, there’s all manner of stupid ways to profess your mutual love for one another. And, despite whatever special interest you’re into, and the fact that your guests will almost certainly not share it, a themed wedding is the best way to force it upon them.

Some people are passionate about Kentucky Fried Chicken. So much so, in fact, that they propose to their partners inside their local KFC.

The good folks at KFC, instead of coming to the logical conclusion that many of their male customers are dropkick cheapskates who wouldn’t even spring for the local Nando’s, have come to the other logical conclusion that many, many people would relish the opportunity to serve The Colonel’s finest at their very own special day.

And so they’re doing it. They’re actually letting this happen.

That’s right, until the 18th of October, couples are encouraged to apply via the link below to have a KFC food truck cater their wedding. It’s free, too–six lucky couples will score all catering services at a very of their choice, ensuring up to 200 guests can gorge on the dirty bird on such a special occasion.

If you’re in one of those relationships where you hate each other, and are looking to turn it into a loveless marriage, you can sign up below and go into the draw to win one of these, ahem, “prizes”.

Alternately, KFC does offer catering, so if you miss out but are still keen to save literally thousands on your beautiful day of celebration, you can arrange that here.

It’s finger lickin’ tacky as all hell, but hey, here we are talking about it.

Check it out