KFC is Offering Plant-Based Nuggets with BeyondMeat

Are you a committed vegetarian who nevertheless craves the sinful touch of KFC on your quivering tongue?

Well, then, your prayers have been…answered, I guess?

For the world’s most popular purveyor of addictively greasy poultry has recently announced on Twitter that it has a new string to its bow: plant nuggets.

On Twitter, the much-loved legacy of Colonel Sanders declared the birth of “Beyond Fried Chicken”. BFC is a new sensation: as the tweet said, it’s “Kentucky Fried Chicken but it’s made with @BeyondMeat. It’s confusing, but it’s also delicious”.

One of those assertions seems almost certainly true. The other, well let’s wait and see. Beyond Meat, it turns out, is a company that makes “meat that’s made from plants, made for meat lovers”. Quite ambitious, of course, as meat lovers already have something they love, which is meat. Meat that’s made from meat, that is.

Still, partnering with KFC has to be a massive coup for Beyond Meat, and if their vegie “Kentucky Fried miracles” are a hit at the test site in Atlanta, Georgia, we may see them rolled out across the globe and a whole new market opening up for the Colonel: socially-conscious carnivores mixed in with a few junk-craving vegos.

Time will tell whether KFC made from plants can be anywhere near as moreish as the traditional clucking kind, but it is indeed yet another sign of the wondrous age we live in.