KFC Opens World First High-Tech Drive Through in Australia

Once upon a time, if you wanted takeaway food, you had to get out of your car, walk into the restaurant, buy it, walk out of the restaurant, and get back into your car. Then we said, “dammit this is just too inconvenient”, so we invented the drive-through, and a whole new world of getting food without leaving the car was opened up to us.

This was a wonderful thing, but it left us wondering: why do we still have the bit where you can go inside? Getting out of your car to buy food when a drive-through exists is the act of a madman, and fast-food outlets everywhere kept encouraging this madness for decades.

Thankfully, KFC is taking steps to eradicate the wastefulness that has plagued the industry, with the introduction of its first drive-through-only outlets. The concept will get its first trial in Newcastle, with a streamlined operation that allows only for the maximal efficiency of driving through, and does not permit any decadent foot traffic to pass through its doors.

The drive-through will come with the ability to order ahead with the KFC app, although for now, people will still be able to rock up spontaneously and order at the window. Hopefully, that too will soon be phased out, so that food will be available not only without walking, but without talking to another human being at all.

Then we’ll truly know we’re living in the twenty-first century.