KFC Zinger Parmy

Get Your Pub Feed at Home With KFC’s Zinger Parmy Recipe

Oh, schnit! Have we got something special for you?

The colonel, in all his chickeny glory, has finally put his finger lickin’ mark on the quintessential pub feed. It is our honour to introduce the KFC Zinger Parmy (not parmi ya lunatics). All the elements of a traditional parmy – bacon, passata, fresh herbs, crowned with oozing melted cheese – are here. Now, save yourself the hassle and throw it on Keffer’s world-famous Zinger Fillet. If you’re feeling particularly spicy, throw on a splash of Supercharged Sauce to get an extra kick.

It’s a match made in heaven and something we just had to share with you. Whilst it might not be something to cook on date night with the misso, it’s a cheap and easy way to please the fellas when they come round to watch the ponies. How good’s how good.

Zinger Parmy ingredients (serves 4):

  • 4 x KFC Zinger fillets (Hot-tip: order them through Build Your Own Bucket on the KFC App for a cheeky little discount)
  • 4 x tbsp passata
  • 4 x pieces bacon
  • 1 x cup shredded cheese
  • Supercharged sauce (amount depending on how much heat you can handle)
  • Fresh herbs


  1. Pre-heat oven to grill (high)
  2. Cook the bacon until it’s nice and crispy
  3. Place 4 x Zinger fillets on a baking tray lined with baking paper
  4. Spread 1 x tablespoon of passata over each Zinger
  5. Place 1 x piece of cooked bacon on each Zinger
  6. Grill for approx. 4 mins or until gloriously golden and bubbly
  7. Drizzle Supercharged sauce over each Zinger and sprinkle fresh herbs on top
  8. Drool and enjoy!

It’s really that simple. Thank you, colonel. Thank you.