KitKat Brings Volcanic Chocolate to Australia in a World First

The limited-edition KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic range is made from the world’s rarest cocoa sourced from the nutrient-rich soils of three lush volcanic islands across Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. If unique chocolate isn’t enough to persuade you to try them, how about the fact that Australia is the first country in the world to score the limited range?

Each of the three KitKat Volcanic chocolates features a distinct flavour profile thanks to the nutrients within the soil. Vanuatu is said to be robustly earthy and bitter, Papua New Guinea is fresh and fruity, and the Philippines packs a punch with intensely spicy and aromatic notes. The three cocoas are so rare that they account for less than 0.02% of global production.

kitkat sublime volcanic

The KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic range joins an online selection consisting of the handcrafted Black Label, several special editions including Lamington, Espresso and the Made in Japan collection. Chocolate fans should also check out the ‘Create Your Break’ online experience that allows you to personalise KitKats.

Speaking on the new range, KitKat Chocolatory Head Chocolatier, Connie Yuen, said: “At KitKat Chocolatory, we are passionate about bringing the world’s best and most unique chocolate to Australians, and this new range is truly one of the most special to date.”

“We’re delighted to introduce KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic as an exquisite new offering for our chocolate-loving guests.”

The new KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic range is available now from the Chocolatory boutique in Melbourne and online via the link below.

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