#LEAPDAYCHIPDAY Red Rooster Hot Chips For Free

Red Rooster is shouting it’s customers free hot chips in a “leap day” celebration for Saturday 29 Feb called Leap Day Chip Day!

Starting way back in 1972, Red Rooster has been pioneering the roast chicken takeaway well before the likes of Chargrill Charlies or the Colonel at KFC.

Promoted as a chance to thank its customers, Red Rooster is offering free regular-sized hot chips “no questions asked”.

“We know how much everybody LOVES Red Rooster chips and we are forever grateful for our fans and customers who can’t get enough of these magical morsels of chicken salty bliss.”

Sadly customers will be limited to just one regular chips per person, and visitors to the MCG or Suncorp Stadium will be left out with the deal excluding stadium venues.

It comes after the swift shutdown of two Red Rooster stores following the online sharing of unsanitary chicken cooking practices.

The image, which sparked outrage from customers, showed a stack of cooked chickens in the back of an open boot of Red Rooster company car in Forrestfield.

According to the photographer, Mark Copley told 10Daily, “the chooks were on rotisserie skewers being brought into the store.”

“The boot was lined with cardboard but nothing else. Not wrapped, not refrigerated. The opportunity for cross-contamination is immense, plus the fact food is stored in the danger zone for temperature,” claimed Copley.

After expressing extreme disappointment in the incident and conducting a thorough investigation, Red Rooster has re-opened the Forrestfield store under new management.

“Red Rooster holds customer and team safety as its highest priority. In response to this incident, the following immediate steps were taken.”

Hopefully, all those free chips won’t be served from the boot of a Red Rooster car.