Mad Mex Introduces Pineapple to Burritos

In a move that is set to get tongues wagging (at least on a bunch of Tinder dates lost for proper conversation), Mad Mex has today announced its latest burrito acoutrement, and its one that already divides the nation.

The humble pineapple has a long and storied history. From its place as the European symbol of hospitality, (fact: rich folks used to be able to rent one for an evening to show off their immense wealth) to the fact that it is, objectively, the prince of fruits (both in terms of both handsomeness and taste), the ananas is an A-list ingredient.

Known for its balanced acidity, however, has seen its occasional invite to the savoury dish party to be a contentious one. And while millennials love to debate whether or not it belongs on that so hallowed Australian culinary delight: the Hawaiian pizza, Mexican chain Mad Mex has come to the party and announced that the delicious condiment will now be available on its famous burritos.

That’s right: you can now get a little pineapple love rolled into your favourite Mexican kebab.

Whilst not a traditional ingredient in burritos, Mexico is a leading producer of the pineapple globally, and it’s a key ingredient in many traditional Mexican recipes.

“Whilst some will call it sacrilege, we know there are a LOT of pineapple fans out there – some of them living in secret – and they’ve been waiting a long time for this day to come,” says Mad Mex Founder and CEO Clovis Young.

“We want to empower Aussie pineapple lovers to indulge their passion with a fun twist on traditional burritos! We’re excited to see what Australia decides: do they love it or hate it?! Let’s find out. And who knows, if the new burrito is a hit, this might not be the last we see of it on the menu…”

Diners are encouraged to cast their vote on how they think the ingredient plays, with entrants going into the draw to win a AUD$2,000 travel voucher for a tropical holiday worthy of a boozy bevvo served in the hollowed-out yellow fruit.

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