“Mayochup” The New Ketchup/Mayo Hybrid From Heinz

In an attempt to capitalise on the bottomless, untapped market that is monsters who think fundamentally disparate condiments should be delivered in the same container, American foods giant Heinz has cleverly innovated jumped the shark, and announced their latest effort at carefully considered sauce curation, concoction: “Mayochup”.

One can only assume that Ketchonnaise didn’t make the cut at a very hungover and uninspired product development meeting.

We must say, it’s not the most original recipe. It’s is basically ’70s seafood sauce, without the tablespoon of Worcestershire.

And Mayochup? It already has a name: Marie Rose sauce, the darling of every south-Floridian seafood platter (read: plate of jumbo shrimp with crab sticks), mixing mayonnaise with tomato sauce is not, by any means, a new idea (yes, Marie Rose technically also has Tabasco, lemon, and pepper, we hear you bemoan, but that’s if it’s being made somewhere that does things properly, and the types of places that serve Marie Rose sauce aren’t known for their culinary prowess).

“Mayochup” is due to go on sale in the US of A in coming weeks, and is sure to bug a huge hit with people who are too cowardly to make their own Frankenstein’s-Monster-of-an-emulsion for their curly fries.

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