maccas trials Parma Burger

Maccas is Testing a Chicken Parma Burger in South Australia

If you love fast food, consider a trip to South Australia as locals are reaping the rewards of Maccas trialling a new chicken menu led by the Parma Burger. Yes. A chicken parmigiana burger that is available from now until March.

The Parma Burger is described as “deliciously saucy made with parmigiana and cheese sauce.” It’s not the most flattering description but still as close as Australian Maccas has come to serving up this pub food staple.

Other new menu items being trialled include chicken salt fries, a chicken schnitzel burger and the spiciest chicken burger ever produced by the food chain.

The Chicken Salt Shaker Fries are the classic Maccas fries accompanied by a bag of chicken salt seasoning. In addition, there’s also a Chicken Pickle Burger, a Teriyaki Burger and Spicy Shaker Tenders.

“As we know, South Australians love our chicken burgers and nuggets, so it made sense to us to give them a chance to review this exciting new menu,” says Jo Feeney, Marketing Director at McDonald’s Australia.

“There’s something for every chicken lover, whether you’re a fan of spice, pickles, a parmi, or a sprinkle of chicken salt on your fries!”

If you’re outraged that this menu hasn’t gone nation-wide, you’re not alone. We feel your pain. There’s currently no word on whether the new chicken menu will expand or return for another go, but we’ll be sure to let you know if and when it does make a comeback.

In other Maccas news, the food chain recently debuted the McVeggie Burger, and due to the way it’s cooked, the burger can’t quite achieve vegan status.

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