McDonalds Gets Spicy with New Chicken Sandwich

“Smoky, sweet, medium heat”—those aren’t words that you’ll have to repeat when you step up to the counter at McDonald’s, but they do describe the restaurant chains new spicy chicken sandwich. Made with jalapenos, the barbecue sauce for the new offering adds a new layer to the battered and breaded buttermilk crispy tenders on the menu.

“The excitement that spicy flavours bring is something we know our customers have always loved,” says Todd Manisco, the manager of menu innovation for McDonald’s. “And we are thrilled to now be offering up that excitement nationwide with a tasty kick to our chicken menu.” Essentially what the restaurant chain has done is to take their chicken tenders and toss them in a sweet and spicy BBQ glaze. You can order the tenders separately or on the new chicken sandwich, which comes as four tenders on a bun with slivered onions and pickles. A little heads up on these items: if you are a sauce fan, then go for the tenders, which are said to be nearly swimming in the BBQ sauce. If you like a little less sauce, then the sandwich is the way to go. Both items are only available for a limited time, starting September 11.

Some critics have mentioned the timing of the release. Popeye’s chicken sandwiches recently went out of stock and many restaurants are capitalizing on the popularity of chicken right now. McDonald’s franchise owner-operator Cliff Johnson II told the Dallas Morning News that “the timing is completely coincidental, but the timing couldn’t be any better. Like everybody else, we’re definitely riding the chicken wave.” The real question here is, who cares about the motives behind the sandwich? What should be on our minds is how quickly can you get to your closest McDonald’s before they run out of chicken as well?