New Hunter & Barrel Menu is a Primal Feast

Aussie steakhouse Hunter & Barrel has launched a new ‘primal’ menu that’s designed to transport guests back to their hunter origins.

The new menu embraces the elements air, earth, fire and water complemented by barrel-aged wines, cocktails and spirits to match every dish. The curated menu encourages guests to gather, share and connect, the way of the hunters and their tribes.

Core to the menu, group feasts serve up abundant platters of large cuts of meat, seafood, vegetables cooked over a coal and wood fire. Every dish cooked in this way is accompanied by a touch of native herbs and wild spices.

hunter and barrel new menu

Guests can enjoy the signature ‘Land Feast’ consisting of honey glazed pork, Portuguese chicken, slow-cooked short ribs and rump eye with sides of chimichurri and chilli sauce.

Feel like seafood? The tailored menu, with complements of local fish hunters, offers ocean feasts of juicy mussels, Portuguese prawns, and barramundi with chimichurri sauce.

The ‘Hunter’ theatrics go beyond the restaurant aesthetic, with eye-catching varieties of vertical skewers such as harissa kangaroo or salmon and albacore loin. All feasts, skewers and meat can be complemented with mains or sides of vegetables. Signature dishes from the harvest are roasted eggplant and sumac dressing, fried brussels sprouts and apple salad or roasted cauliflower.

hunter and barrel new menu

Just as the Hunter & Barrel food menu brings the theme of the ‘Hunter’ to life, so too does the drinks menu with a selection of cocktails, spirits, craft beers and barrel-aged wines. A series of signature of cocktails are matured in oak barrels to impart pronounced flavours.

We recommend the house rested tequila, rested in barrels for 2-8 weeks and served macerated with orange peel and Paven Orange Blossom Liqueur for a hint of sweetness. There’s also an excellent selection of wine and craft beers.

The new Hunter & Barrel menu is now in full force for hungry guests looking for a ‘primal’ dining experience. You can find Hunter & Barrel in Sydney, Melbourne and two locations across Perth.

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