Is New York’s Most Expensive Steak Worth the Price?

Eater’s newest video, “This Is the Most Expensive Steak in New York City,” is set at the Old Homestead in Manhattan’s meatpacking district. Host Nick Solares introduces viewers to the $350 steak—yep, $350 for a steak. Could it possibly be worth it?

most expensive cut of steak

The steak is actually Japanese Wagyu. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Wagyu is Japanese for “cow” (there you go, mystery solved). What makes Japanese Wagyu so special? This particular brand of beef is prized because of its genetic predisposition for marbling. In fact, when you watch the video, you might be surprised to see more white than red in the raw meat. What that means is a more tender, juicy, and flavorful steak. Wagyu beef is typically named for the region of Japan that it comes from, such as the famous Kobe beef. Interestingly, it was the Old Homestead that first introduced New York to Kobe.

most expensive steak worth price $350

Traditionally, Wagyu is served in thin slices, but true to American form, the Old Homestead serves the Wagyu up as a thick steak. Solares notes that this serving is more than what four or five people would normally receive in Japan. The chef recommends cooking it to a medium rare and delivers it with vegetables and only a light seasoning of salt and pepper.

Solares breezes past the price of $350. If you’re not listening you just might miss his mention. Is this A5 grade beef worth the price? Judging from Solares’ reaction, it just might be.

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