Perth is Now Home to Australia’s Largest Cheese Fridge

There’s a newly opened European Food Marketplace in Osbourne Park, Perth, that houses Australia’s largest cheese fridge. Dubbed the “Cheese Cathedral,” the cheese fridge holds 350 kinds of cheese from 13 countries.

“European Foods has always been very strong in cheese,” states Miguel Buccellato, CEO of European Foods. “Blue Cow has a well curated range of products, they are really cutting edge and have been for 20 years. Our vision was to build something similar to what they had created, so when it came up for sale we fast-tracked it. We’re two years ahead of where we’d anticipated, which is really exciting.” European Foods recently acquired Blue Cow and they look to use that acquisition to feature more local fare in their stores. “The idea is to take an iconic brand and revive it, bring back its formative luster. This Marketplace is very different, something that’s not been done in Perth. We’re trying to build something for chefs, it’s a space for new and innovative products,” says Buccellato.

Australia’s Largest Cheese Fridge Has Just Opened In Perth

The Cheese Cathedral offers all sorts of cheeses from brie to blues and cheddars that have been sourced from “France, Netherlands, Italy, England, Spain, Australia & more!” says European Foods’ Instagram. “The trend is that Australians want to know the provenance story,” explains Buccellato. “They want products to be local, they want them to be sustainable. A large proportion of our product is European or Italian-stylized but locally produced. We want to offer those producers an opportunity to sell to chefs, and for chefs to celebrate Western Australia.”

European Foods is aimed primarily at wholesale buyers, but they do allow the general public in to buy their products as well under a “cash-and-carry” model. “We’re a trade wholesaler first, but there’s an increasing Masterchef generation of home chefs and those are the people we want to target. We’re very deliberate in not wanting to be retailers but we do know great products and have a great range,” states Buccellato.

The Cheese Cathedral is just part of the new Marketplace. There’s also a café, spaces for cooking demonstrations, and barista training.

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