(Red) Hotter Sauce is a Heat Seeking Firestarter

Some people like it hot. Then there are those that like their flavours even hotter. (Red) Hotter Sauce, described as tasting “like Truffle and Sriracha had a baby,” is for those individuals. Made by TRUFF, the hotter sauce is a blend of red chili peppers, black truffle and black truffle oil, organic agave nectar, red habanero powder, organic cumin, and organic coriander.

The blend steps up Truff’s popular hot sauce with a “less sweet, more heat” formulation. How much hotter is it? It’s about two to three times hotter than the original formula, or about 5,000 to 7,000 SHU.

hot sauce best for bake macaroni

Truff has gained quite a following lately, landing on the shelves of stores like Neiman Marcus, Dean and Deluca, Wally’s Beverly Hills, and Wegman’s. The sauce even appeared on Oprah’s Favorite Things List of 2018. Not bad for a company launched in December 2017 through their Instagram account.

Truff is dedicated to bringing the heat by exploring flavours that make others balk and by pushing the boundaries of traditional ingredients. In their words, “The game hadn’t been changed. The sauce that we wanted didn’t exist. The bridge hadn’t been crossed…so we burned it down.” Truff, which gets its name from infusing its hot sauce with black truffles, puts a lot of emphasis on building relationships with its customers, and it works through a direct to consumer approach.

product of red hot sauce for spaghetti

One way that the company is building those relationships is by aligning itself with worthwhile projects. In the case of the Hotter Sauce, Truff is working with (Red), the non-profit organization started by Bono and Bobby Shriver. The mission of (Red) is to bring awareness to AIDS and research into the disease. Partnering with NTWRK to launch the sauce, Truff hopes to raise USD$50,000 for the fight to end AIDS—enough money to provide 250,000 days of HIV/AIDS medication in sub-Sarahan Africa.

truff with it's red box

If you’re a heat connoisseur, and you like helping good causes, then pick up a bottle of (Red) Hotter Sauce from Truff.

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