Saké is Hosting a 7 Course Bluefin Tuna Deg Later This Month

Calling all food lovers! Saké is throwing the dinner party of your wildest, sushi-filled dreams. Specifically, the immensely popular restaurant will host a seven-course tuna degustation (i.e. tasting) dinner at three locations–Eagle Street Pier, The Rocks and Hamer Hall–on 17 July, 24 July and 25 July, respectively.

  bluefin fatty tuna

As one might have guessed, Southern Bluefin Tuna will be the main attraction. Accordingly, it will appear on your plate in a variety of forms, all of them delicious. How do we know? Because we tried the menu for ourselves last night at The Rocks location. Suffice to say, you will not be disappointed in the slightest. And yes, the coveted delicacy known as o-toro (aka extra fatty tuna) will most definitely be served.

 sake tuna dinner plate

If you’re a sushi lover in Australia, then you’re already familiar with one of Saké Restaurant’s five locations, and the exquisite cuisine offered therein. Every week, Saké gets three whole Southern Bluefin Tuna from Stehr Group, the leading name in sustainably sourced seafood. Each tuna weighs over 30 kilograms, and gets broken down and dispersed across the Saké menu, selling out almost immediately. For this limited time event, the Southern Bluefin Tuna is the menu.

 sake tuna dinner fish cut

Expect sashimi. Expect nigiri. Expect tuna belly. Expect so much more. It’s all plated to perfection and simply bursting with flavour. In fact, we’re still thinking about our experience at The Rocks. It was foodie heaven to say the least. This is not a dinner to be missed.

Check it out

sake dinner tuna with crisps

sake tuna dinner

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