Shelbys Healthy Snacks are Empowering Indulgence

Shelbys reports that 48 per cent of all Australians have no interest in sharing their snacks. It’s really not so surprising, although there are bound to be negative health effects for that half of the population (myself included) who tends to consume the entire packet of their favourite treat.

For those who can’t help themselves, Shelbys Healthy Hedonism is a new snack brand empowering indulgence without the insecurity.

The Shelbys’ range of Dipped & Dusted Almonds and bars are all-natural, low GI, gluten-free and refined sugar-free – so a healthy alternative for when snacking feels like the appropriate course of action.

shelbys healthy snacks

Shelby’s Dipped & Dusted almonds range comes in four flavours:

  • Matcha & yoghurt
  • Raspberry dark chocolate
  • Espresso dark chocolate
  • Cinnamon & yoghurt

The bars range comes in six different flavours:

  • Peanut butter, coconut, lemon slice
  • Peanut butter, coconut & dark chocolate
  • Pistachio, cranberry & Himalayan salt
  • Almond, turmeric, coconut & yoghurt
  • Almond, matcha, cranberry & dark chocolate
  • Cashew, blueberry & coconut

healthy peanut packet

Shelby’s also found that 62 per cent of survey respondents reported they are most likely to snack on the couch, after dinner. So now it’s possible to crack open some snacks while binging TV at night and not feel so bad about it in the morning.

Grab your Healthy Hedonism snacks at Woolworths, specialist retailers or from Shelbys online linked below.

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