Simple and Clean Scottish Perceval Sgian Dubh Knives

Perceval Knives has released a set of three Sgian Dubh knives that are in a signature style of the Scots. These pieces are essential equipment to partner with the traditional kilt garb, worn by many Scotsmen. The clean lines, oblong shape, and simple beauty make these pieces both elegant and impressive.

scottish perceval sgian dubh knives body view

After looking at this set, the only question that remains is which knife should you purchase. The three styles are similar in design but extremely unique in texture. The Gabon Ebony Handle is a deep back and has an extremely high density. The Macassar Ebony Handle is sleek and polished black with a hint of chocolate. And the Arizona Ironwood Burl Handle is made of one of the most dense and heavy woods in the world. Under light, you can see golden reflections in the handle-base. Although all three knives are things of pure beauty and come in identical natural leather sheathes, we’re a bit partial to the Ironwood Burl Handle. The reserved shape and outstanding design create quite the juxtaposition and form a perfect look on the shelf, on your belt, or in your hand.

Each of these knives have a 100mm blade, measuring 3mm in thickness, while also scoring a 57 on the Rockwell Hardness Test, making them a pure joy to look at and an outstanding tool to use.

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