Smiths Chips announces Lamington Flavour

Sure, you can find a certain amount of innovation and “outside the box” thinking if you look to the worlds of quantum physics or space travel, but if you really want to experience the farthest frontiers of scientific endeavour, you have to go to the potato chip industry.

Specifically Smith’s Crisps, which has announced a brand new, quintessentially Australian new flavour: lamington.

Are you drooling already? Smith’s Marketing Director Olivia Sutherland, a woman who has devoted her entire life to telling people to eat more chips, says, “We know Australians are increasingly keen to try new flavours,” which is pretty debatable right away if you ask us – it seems like Australians are as happy with chicken or salt and vinegar as they ever were. But cut her some slack, she’s got chips to spruik!

Sutherland says the sweet-and-savoury combination of the classic salty potato treat with the delicious choc-and-coconut coated cake is ” the perfect way to celebrate the Australian summer”, and…sure, why not? There are at least far WORSE ways to celebrate the Australian summer, if that is indeed what you feel like doing. And Smith’s lamington chips are the result of intense research, with professional chipologists spending countless hours eating lamingtons and thinking about why they were so delicious.

Whether a lamington chip is the taste sensation we’re promised is impossible to tell until we wrap our gums around one. But it will at least be a challenge.