Smiths Re-Releases Garlic Bread Chips for Footy Finals

It was gone too soon. Last year, Smith’s partnered with Pizza Hut to create garlic bread chips, but just as everyone was falling in love with the delectable treats, they were gone. Well, garlic bread chip lovers rejoice, because the chips are back, and just in time for the footy finals.

For this release, Smith’s is working on their own rather than in collaboration with Pizza Hut. But, just like before, the crinkle-cut chips will only be available for a limited time, and the new footy-themed packaging hammers that detail home. The product description reads, “Kick off a top night of footy with a guaranteed winner! We’ve brought back our crowd-pleasing Smith’s Garlic Bread Flavour for a limited time only. Game on!”

smith garlic bread chips

Last year, the chips veritably flew off the shelves, with stores placing placards that lamented the chips’ sold out status. In fact, one IGA reported selling out of the flavor in a matter of hours. Certainly this time around will be no different. Granted, without the collaboration of Pizza Hut, the flavor might be slightly different—but that could just be psychosomatic as well. Besides, if there really is a difference in the flavor, will it be enough to make a difference? Most likely not.

What is most disconcerting, however, is that a quick search of Coles’ online shopping site lists the chips as being “temporarily unavailable” already. On the plus side, they are listed at $3.30. Even eBay’s listing of the chips says that they are “currently sold out.” If you’re a fan of this crisp chip, you’ll want to head over to your local grocery soon, before the shelves have the same listing and these goodies are gone too soon again.

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