Tabasco 150th Anniversary Diamond Reserve Red Sauce Heats Up Your Favorite Sauce

The Tabasco 150th Anniversary Diamond Reserve Red Sauce marks a major milestone for the company—150 years of producing the popular sauce. Tabasco was founded by Edmund McIlhenny in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana. The diet of the southern states was never known to be bland, at least not until during the Reconstruction period. That’s where McIlhenny came in. To spice things up, McIlhenny created a sauce from the red peppers that McIlhenny grew Avery Island. Those peppers, the Capsicum frutescens, came from Mexico or Central America and were gifted to McIlhenny. McIlhenny used a “le petit baton rouge” or “red stick” to judge the ripeness of the peppers. When the colors matched, the peppers were harvested, mashed up with some salt, and mixed with white wine vinegar. The sauce quickly grew in popularity, and within just a couple years it was being sold throughout the U.S. and even Europe. Now, 150 years later, the company is still family owned, still uses the same stick, and still follows the same recipe.

The Diamond Reserve is made from select red peppers chosen for their superior color, texture, and robustness. The reserve is also aged longer than regular bottles, up to 15 years in some cases. This extra attention to detail produces a pepper sauce that has exceptional complexity that stays true to the original, signature flavor.

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