Tabasco Unleashes Limited Edition Scorpion Hot Sauce

Lovers of hot sauce: set your mouths to burn. Ubiquitous hot sauce maker Tabasco just released a limited supply of Scorpion Hot Sauce. It’s being touted as the hottest pepper sauce the company’s ever made. In fact, they’re claiming it’s almost 20 times hotter than their wildly popular (and pretty damn hot) Original Red Sauce.

pretty damn original red sauce

At the base of Tabasco’s Scorpion Hot Sauce are super hot scorpion peppers. As the name implies, prepare for some sting. Helping layer that bold heat with some welcomed tang and sweetness are ingredients like guava and pineapple, along with a touch of original Tabasco sauce.

tabasco scorpion sauce

Founded in 1868, Tabasco has been tastefully tame when it comes to releasing new flavours. Their Original Red Sauce still reigns supreme in taco stands and breakfast spots around the world, and choice entries like Garlic Pepper Sauce and Chipotle Sauce have also found a wide audience. By contrast, the new Scorpion Sauce seems far more niche, made for those with either indestructible palates, curious minds or a constant need to punish themselves.

man tongues flailing

As mentioned, Tabasco Scorpion Sauce was released in limited supply. In fact, according to Tabasco’s website the relatively small batch has already sold out. That means there are possibly thousands of brave men and women out there at this very moment with their tongues flailing as they reach desperately for the nearest cold beverage. Hopefully that’s a nice visual to tide over the enthusiasts not quick enough to grab a bottle.

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