TasteTro Spice System Makes You a Master Chef

The TasteTro Spice System takes the guesswork out of cooking flavorful food. The whole system is roughly the size of a coffeemaker, so it fits nicely on your counter. The system works by loading in 20 pods filled with different spices. Then, using the touchscreen, you can scroll through over 50 pre-programmed spice blends. The TasteTro then dispenses the blend in perfect proportions to maximize the tastes of each herb. The pods can be swapped out to customize the TasteTro to your favorite flavors. You can also update your blend and spice offerings using Bluetooth and RFID technology.

A system like this is a long time coming. No longer do you need to haunt the spice aisles of the local grocery store reviewing the same blends marketed under different names. Instead, you can dispense fresh, tasty blends to make you look like a master chef. The TasteTro is an incredible time saver as well, as the blends are paired with easy-to-prepare recipes. Your cooking will also be healthier without using the sodium-rich processed foods we’ve come to rely on. Plus, you’re going to enjoy how much more organized your kitchen cabinets are without having to keep all those spice bottles in stock.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the food you cook without all the hassle of preparing and experimenting, or if you want to impress that special someone—or someones—the TasteTro Spice System will elevate what you set on the table from passingly edible to divine cuisine.

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