THAT! Warming Ice Cream Scoop Will Make You Scream Sooner

You’ve been there. All you want is a bowl of your favorite ice cream, but instead of scooping up the treat, you’re impatiently waiting for it to thaw out enough that it won’t bend your spoon into the shape of a boomerang thanks to its unyielding surface. Sure, there are things that you can do to speed up the process—a cup of hot water to warm up the spoon, or a quick trip to the microwave with the hopes of not melting your ice cream too quickly. But that just takes more time, and you can’t guarantee the results. Scoop THAT! has a new warming ice cream scoop that will take all that frustration away.

scoop warming ice cream scoop

The Scoop THAT! warming ice cream scoop has a heated scoop that doesn’t require any batteries or cords. Instead, it makes use of a biodegradable thermal liquid stored in the handle that generates its own heat. The scoop was redesigned to make bigger, rounder scoops—and when it comes to ice cream, bigger is definitely always better. Plus the hard, anodized interior of the scoop keeps the ice cream from melting but, when turned over, lets the ice cream fall out of the scoop on its own. The warming ice cream scoop stores conveniently in any kitchen drawer and should be hand washed with mild detergent after each use.

ice cream in the scoop

THAT! has approached kitchen utensils with the vision of “putting a new spin on old favorites.” By applying good engineering, they are able to come up with ideas that address old problems in new, simpler ways. Many of their products—like the warming ice cream scoop—have eliminated batteries, wires, and moving parts. Their philosophy is that “if an innovation doesn’t simplify, it just won’t last. And if it doesn’t last, it’s not worth buying—or making, for that matter.”

ice cream scoop front view

It’s time to stop fighting the ice cream battle and ruining your spoons. The Scoop THAT! warming ice cream scoop will get you to your favorite treat faster and with less struggle.

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ice cream scoop side view

ice cream scoop

ice cream scoop in the box