The Face Licker Lollipop Brings Odd Images to Mind

The name Face Licker may cause your imagination to come up with some pretty disturbing imagery. For all you Aliens fans out there, you can set aside those images of face huggers springing out of the delivery box and latching onto your face. Or you might be imagining situations that could result in a sexual harassment complaint (if not at least a few raised brows). Don’t worry, it’s actually much more innocent than any of that.

face licker lollipop body shape

The Face Licker is a giant lollipop that is sculpted to look just like you or anyone of your choosing. The lollipop is tutti-frutti flavored. The design is based off of a submitted photo and a short description. From there, the confectioner sculpts the sweet into a life-size replica of your face. Aside from being tasty, the lollipops are also vegan friendly—anyone in your life will enjoy these sweet works of art. The lollipops are created over a seven to ten day working period and take up to ten working days to deliver in the EU or US.

Of course, the only challenge of these lollipops—outside of the challenge that the confectioner has of creating them once you’ve submitted the image—is overcoming that mental image. The description of being able to “lick yourself, a mate, or a celebrity’s face”, even with the proper context, can be a little disturbing. The only remedy is to own it and go after it—stick out your tongue and lick away.

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