The Miracle Return of this ‘Rare’ Cadbury Block

There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around/That the Cadbury Caramilk was on its way

Such might have been the words penned by Banjo Paterson had he been alive in the 21st century and tapped into the confectionery zeitgeist. For the word on the street is that the Caramilk, one of the rarest and most-prized of all sweetmeats, is set for a return.

It was 2018 when the Caramilk – an intoxicating blend of white chocolate and caramel – last gripped Australia with the madness that only chocolate can. The block was so delicious, and the limited run so limited, that Caramilks were selling on eBay for more than 10 times their shelf price.

Before last year’s release, the Caramilk hadn’t been seen since 1994, so it was assumed we’d be in for a long, cold, wintry wait a la Game of Thrones before we saw the irresistible blend again. But now rumours are spreading like wildfire that winter is over. Product review group The Grocery Geek has revealed a tip-off that Cadbury is about to sate our desire for Caramilk once more. And so the fever began.

According to Paul Chatfield, Director Marketing for Chocolate, Australia and New Zealand: “While we can’t confirm or deny the return of Cadbury Caramilk, we will say that we are in the business of delighting our consumers with products they love, so stay tuned.”

We don’t know about you, but that sounds very much like we’re about to experience the wonder of white chocolate and caramel once more. We’re drooling already.