This Trainer Preps 10 Weekly Meals for Less Than $25

It’s one thing to know your way around the kitchen, but prepping ten meals this dirt-cheap is a different prowess entirely.

You may be thinking: “this seems excessive”, and in most cases, it probably will be. But sometimes you lose your phone, the mechanic takes you for a ride, you piss off your partner and have to take them on an expensive river cruise with a string quartet. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so this is a good trick to have up your sleeve if you ever need to save a bit of cash.

Sometimes you gotta do it: you gotta finger the chicken carcass. Hopefully, you’re never so cash strapped that this becomes your only option, but there are starving kids out there, people; reducing food waste should always be on the agenda.

The guy in this video does his ten meals for GBP£12, which is a little less than AUD$23. Think about how easily $23 racks up on the self-serve screen… Turning that into ten meals means no waste. A kilojoule scrounged is a kilojoule earned, which is super important when you’re trying to get hot-guy-summer shredded.

Obviously at this price-point you’re not going to be eating like a King. No Wagyu, no caviar, no lobsters. Think pauper-style: potatoes, beans, minced beef, chicken, capsicum, carrot, broccoli. The final products actually look pretty tasty though – healthy, filling, and cheaper than chips.

If you wanna see how to do this yourself, check out the full video above for some sub-par culinary advice and some humorous monotonic voiceover.

Disclaimer: This ain’t gonna sustain you for a week. We accept no liability for self-induced starvation.